What Do I Receive that a Non-Member Doesn’t?

  • Legal representation at no additional expense for any eligible employment-related dispute covered by the NSEA Legal Assistance Policy
  • $1 million liability insurance coverage for any employment-related incident, both on and off campus
  • Assistance and expert advice provided to the local association when negotiating all economic terms and conditions of employment, including salaries and fringe benefits
  • A 20-member professional staff to protect your employment rights and assist with grievances, and answer day-to-day questions about your job
  • Full time lobbyists working on behalf of children, public education and public education employees in Lincoln and Washington, D.C.
  • Access to numerous education publications
  • A voice in the Association’s state and national legislative program
  • For eligible, first-time members, 12 months of complimentary $15,000 term life insurance*
  • The opportunity to work with your colleagues to cause changes and improvements to your working conditions, based on your priorities and interests
  • Receive negotiated salary and fringe benefit package (also received by non-members)
  • Discounts at hundreds of local and national merchants
  • Great discount purchase opportunities made possible by belonging to the more than 3.2 million-member National Education Association
  • Complimentary life insurance that includes up to $5,000 in regular accidental death and dismemberment coverage; up to $50,000 in accidental death and dismemberment insurance for covered accidents that occur while on the job or while serving as an Association leader; up to $150,000 in accidental death benefits for members who are victims of death by homicide while at work*

*Insurance amount depends upon the number of years of continuous membership

NEA Member Savings Card

Great Savings!  The combined buying power of 2.7 million NEA members is a benefit that can save you many times the cost of your annual membership. Through NSEA and NEA, members are offered custom-tailored programs to meet the needs of education employees at an affordable cost. There is a wide range of benefits available to NSEA/NEA members. From travel and retail discounts to insurance, investment or money management programs, your NSEA/NEA membership entitles you to participate in some excellent benefit programs that will save you money.

For toll-free information on NEA Member Benefit Programs, call 1-800-637-4636. For information on NSEA Member Benefit Programs, call 1-800-742-0047.