Roundtable discussion of the Paulien Report: Tuesday, March 28, 6:15-7-p at Dale Swanson Library on 90th and Dodge

  • The Executive Committee of the MCCEA will hold its monthly business meeting on Tuesday, March 28, at the Dale Swanson Library at 90th and Dodge, from 5:30-7p.
  • We will conduct our business meeting – to which you are welcome – from 5:30-6:15, discussing all things membership.
  • We will then open the meeting for a roundtable discussion of the Paulien report from 6:15-7p – please join us! 
  • With the input of  members who attended our February meeting (and you know who you are – thanks!)  we worked with Matt Pittman, our NSEA organizational specialist, and we have a plan to coordinate our responses to the re-organization that will maximize our collective voices as the College moves forward with plans.

Snacks provided by your MCCEA Executive Committee . . . hope to see you there!

MCCEA Exec Committee Meeting March 28, 6:15-7-p