As advertised in our “30 minutes of fame” in our Fall quarter opening days, MCCEA General Membership meeting for Fall quarter will be held on Tuesday, September 26, from 5:30-7p at the Omaha Education Association building at 4202 South 57th St. 

Please join us for the following reasons:

  • Elections – nominating candidates for open positions + voting on our new leadership team!
    We have five openings on our Executive Committee this Fall:  Fort Omaha Campus Representative, Applied Trades Center Representative, Fremont Center Representative, as well as the Treasurer.  We also have a vacancy for Elkhorn Campus Representative, since Karen Rodgers, our current EVC Rep, has moved to the Fort Omaha campus.  We are lining up candidates now – feel free to contact anyone on the current Executive Committee (listed below) to put your name on the slate of candidates, or to ask for more info on responsibilities and time commitments.
  • Negotiation – process + current and future issues + research teams! 
    Our negotiation team will give a brief overview of the negotiation process, the current issues they are working on, as well as solicit issues that YOU want to add to the negotiation list.  Research teams are VITAL to the process of negotiation, so come prepared with ideas AND energy to serve on a research team.  We will gather issues at this meeting, then survey all members electronically for top issues to set the plan for this year and beyondIf you cannot attend the meeting, feel free to share your ideas + rationales with your Campus Rep, or directly with Joan Trimpey, Chief Negotiator.
  • Spending time with your colleagues – with food + drink + give-aways!
    To paraphrase Margaret Mead:  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed faculty can change education; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  Get together with your friends and colleagues to celebrate, scheme, grinch, drink, eat, and generally enjoy being in a room with a bunch of smart people!

THANKS again to the Executive Committee for their hard work and creative ideas – our organization thrives because of them.  Join us for a night of productive work + fun!

Your Executive Committee:

  • Mary L. Umberger, President
  • Darin Owens, President-Elect
  • Gary Toth, Past-President
  • Val Smith, Secretary
  • Darryl Partner, Treasurer
  • Joan Trimpey, Chief Negotiator
  • ATC Representative:  Rich Newcomer
  • EVC Representative:  Karen Rodgers
  • FOC Representative:  Melissa Zimmer
  • FRE Representative:  Kandyce Arnold
  • SAR Representative:  Laurie Olberding
  • SOC Representative:  Steve Lovett


Join us for our General Membership Meeting, Tuesday, 9/26, from 5:30-7p at OEA!